Sep 05

Homily for 23rd Week in Oridniary Time, Year C 10 - Fr. Satish Joseph

I remember this incident very clearly. I was in my moral theology class in the Seminary. The professor began his class by asking all of us to write our epitaph. I wanted mine to be the best and the most impressive. I remember thinking hard for a minute and finally wrote down the words: “Here lies a man who lived his life to the full.” I was so convinced that everyone in the room would want to copy my epitaph. When I shared my epitaph with the class, I did not hear the ooohs and the aaahhs I was expecting. The professor passed on to my friend sitting next to me. He had merely written, “Here lies a disciple.” Not only was I highly embarrassed at my own epitaph, but that was the single most life changing moment of my life. It is 20 years since then. Disciple – this word haunts me today as it did that day.

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